More Death Threats? Occupy St. Louis Sends YAF Chapter Threatening Email


Last Sunday a local chapter of YAF affiliated with Principia College organized a small and peaceful counter presence to the ongoing Occupy St. Louis demonstration at Keiner Plaza in downtown. According to the organizer the group of mostly collegians and minors was met with violent language, intimidation, and death threats. The police, says the organizer, were contacted after self-identified occupy participants called the school and left a message in the voicemail box of Principia’s main line. The school, we’re told, has the message and is reviewing its options with law enforcement.

The organizer details further via email:

As you know, on Sunday, October 16th a St. Louis area chapter of Young Americans for Freedom staged a counter protest against Occupy St. Louis in Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis. The message was one of freedom, capitalism, and limited government. The conservative group was met with a remarkable amount of verbal hostility while at the protest, however it remained physically peaceful.

The night after the protest, two death threats were made against the group of students (which includes a minor.) These threats were made through the students’ school, one was sent as an email, the other was a phone call.

The phone call threat was much more direct and confirmed the intentions of the email, if this group of students ever showed up again they would not live to be a part of the “old conservatives.” The police are investigating, however it is still unclear whether the phone threat came from the same person who sent the email. The police are also skeptical as to whether or not they will be able to do anything.

These threats, and the hostility we encountered at the protest (much of it is recorded on tape and should soon be available), prove there is a much more sinister side to these protests. As a recent survey shows, 31% of protestors are already willing to use violence to pursue their ambiguous agenda. The fact that this group that would threaten the lives of minors who happen to disagree with them on political issues is deeply disturbing.

This is the same group reported by various sources, both left and right, to have been hijacked by ACORN off-shoot MORE. When the original grassroots founder attempted to push back against the radical hijacking, she, too, was allegedly met with death threats and withdrew from the group out of fear.

From P/Oed Patriot:

For example, Here is an article from the Riverfront Times that not only quotes a MORE member but pictures him as well. The MORE member’s name is Paul Joesph Poposky and he is described as one of the leaders of Occupy STL.


Also here is an article from the STL Beacon about Occupy STL, featuring a picture of MORE’s Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aguilera. The article also quotes the Executive Director of MORE, Jeff Ordower.

We’re also hearing how Occupy Boston apparently has an ACORN offshoot as its foundation, too.

Are the radicals in this group the ones behind the death threats to collegians and minors?

We have reached out to Principia College and will update .

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