'It's Working': Conservatives Push Back in Wisconsin


We’re cutting through the noise of the Big Labor-funded protesters and the overheated rhetoric of the Big-Labor funded politicians to spread the news: when it comes to budget reform in Wisconsin, It’s Working.

[youtube 7lD9HiwRKTE]

We’re proud to introduce the ItsWorkingWisconsin website. We heard some say the sky would fall, that there would be massive layoffs of state and local government workers and teachers. Some asserted that Wisconsin’s budget reform would mark the end of the state as we know it. But the sky’s still there, and Wisconsin is stronger than ever, thanks to Wisconsin’s budget reform.

As a result of Wisconsin’s budget reform, the state has cut the deficit and reduced the strain on local governments by giving them the tools to reduce their labor costs without massive program cuts or layoffs. This website is committed to providing the facts to Wisconsin taxpayers. Every week there are more examples of how It’s Working. Together, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy have chronicled success stories from across Wisconsin.

We also arm you with the facts to explain why the reform was necessary. Facing a $3.6 billion deficit, Wisconsin’s general fund was hemorrhaging money, spending more than it was taking in. Wisconsin could have either raised taxes on individuals, families and job providers, or cut spending. The television commercial, which is airing statewide, and the website detail the positive results of local officials having the flexibility to reduce spending while protecting vital services.

Wisconsin’s Budget Reform: It’s Working.


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