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VIDEO: Paul Ryan on Obama: 'He Resorts to Demagoguery'


In a speech last week at The Heritage Foundation, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke about saving the “American Idea.” Afterwards, he sat down for a short interview to discuss the President’s class warfare rhetoric and the nation’s looming fiscal crisis. He was clearly frustrated by what he sees as the President’s failure to lead on the important issues of the day.

[youtube 46NkWFpIplY nolink]

“What disappoints me the most,” Ryan shared, “is that clearly they see we have a fiscal crisis on our hands. But they are not doing anything to address it. The President gives speeches, he uses rhetoric, but he has literally failed to put out any kind of plan to prevent a debt crisis in this country. And then when those of us put out our own plans to do so, he resorts to demagoguery.”


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