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Governor Luis Fortuño Predicts Puerto Rico Will Become 51st State

[youtube zXJa-8-InAo] This November, voters in Puerto Rico will have another opportunity to vote on becoming our 51st state. In an exclusive interview with The Heritage Foundation, Governor Luis Fortuño said the time is right. “We are already intertwined into

VIDEO: Religious Freedom Only the First Casualty of Obamacare

“Obamacare is on a collision course with our liberty generally,” explains Heritage’s Jen Marshall in our latest video, “and the first casualty is religious freedom.” The Obama Administration’s latest mandate that religious employers must provide services that are fundamentally at

Senator Mike Lee: Obama 'Manifestly Wrong' on U.S. Constitution

[youtube JCG1UT5J5lg] Few lawmakers have expressed as much outrage over President Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments as Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). He was among the first to warn about the consequences of the president’s unilateral action on Jan. 4. More than a month later, a

Senator Roy Blunt Vows to Fight Obamacare's Anti-Conscience Mandate

[youtube W1dOjMww058] Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced legislation to protect religious organizations from Obamacare’s overreach last summer. Now, as President Obama presses forward with his anti-conscience mandate, Blunt is prepared to keep the pressure on the White House. “We want to be

VIDEO: 1,000 Days Without a Budget

As others have noted, this past Tuesday marked the 1,000th day since the Senate has passed a budget. Heritage’s Mike Brownfield explains: Instead of respecting the people’s money and putting it to its appropriate use, the Senate has chosen to

President Obama's Unconstitutional "Recess" Appointments

[youtube _t_I8kmS8RA] Our newest video highlights the Constitutional problems with the President’s decision to appoint bureaucrats to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, an unaccountable new agency that has created enormous uncertainty in the job market and the National Labor Relations

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Americans Don't Approve of Anything Obama Has Done

[youtube Qmfm39vfxls] In an exclusive interview with the Heritage Foundation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had strong words for President Obama: “My view is he’ll have a hard time convincing Americans he deserves four more years of this,” McConnell

Behind-the-Scenes at a Presidential Debate

[youtube SfMKdMKzM0Y] Tonight, eight Republican presidential candidates will take the stage at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., to share their foreign policy and national security views with the American people. The debate, hosted by The Heritage Foundation and the American

Senator Lieberman Warns Super Committee on Defense Cuts

[youtube mNhVsXrqi10] Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) visited Heritage this week to give the annual B.C. Lee lecture, focusing on the importance of American leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. After his speech, he sat down for a wide-ranging interview. In addition

VIDEO: Paul Ryan on Obama: 'He Resorts to Demagoguery'

In a speech last week at The Heritage Foundation, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke about saving the “American Idea.” Afterwards, he sat down for a short interview to discuss the President’s class warfare rhetoric and the nation’s

VIDEO: Gibson Guitar CEO on Obama: 'He Lied'

Gibson Guitar is an American icon. Musicians ranging from blues legend B.B. King to rock stars with Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith have used its guitars. Today, however, the guitar maker is facing a high-profile persecution from its own government. The

VIDEO: Senator Shelby Issues Warning About Consumer Czar

[youtube QeJnkoBjII0] Richard Cordray, President Obama’s pick to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, won approval from the Senate Banking Committee last week on a party-line vote. His confirmation to run the new agency faces fierce opposition from Republicans, who

The Fight Against Obamacare Continues

[youtube zl3yFA8rbWA] This week, the Restore America’s Voice Foundation delivered 1.6 million petitions from Americans demanding the repeal of Obamacare to Congress. The Heritage Foundation attended the press conference and spoke to some legislators afterwards about the problems with Obamacare,

VIDEO: The Super Committee & Preserving a Strong Defense

[youtube rfxFFeBpt94] As the Super Committee continues to meet (largely in secret), the lasting impact of its decisions on our national security is still unclear. The Heritage Foundation recently sat down with Frances Fragos Townsend, former Assistant to the President

Governor Mitch Daniels on Reforming Government

[youtube 3PSN3Tmj5Ac] Last week, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) reviewed the reforms Indiana has instituted since he took office in a wide-ranging speech at The Heritage Foundation. From education reform to challenging public employee unions, Daniels has strived to make

Senator Mike Lee: Obama's Jobs Plan Will Make Problem Worse

[youtube _lOO_Sx6VWE] Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) came to Washington as the a tea-party conservative with the goal of fixing the economy, addressing the debt crisis and curbing the growth of the federal government. It’s an uphill battle for the youngest

VIDEO: Remembering 9/11-Never Quit

[youtube -kxbwu3vkLg] As Americans prepare to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorists attacks, The Heritage Foundation has been busy reminding Congress and the public of the importance of staying the course in the War on Terror. Since

Maine Governor Seeks to Reform Government

[youtube yoMhrfjvzJY] Maine Governor Paul LePage is no stranger to hard times. He left home at 11 after a rough childhood, spending time on the streets, yet managed to finish both high school and college. He later went on to

VIDEO: DeMint Calls Out McConnell-Reid Debt Plan

[youtube HjN3XQC3JmY] Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is no stranger to fights with party leadership. And he’s not holding back in his criticism of the so-called “Plan B” that’s being developed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Majority

Gary Sinise Says 9/11 Inspired Him to Support America's Military

[youtube BWBahrChM9o] Gary Sinise is best known for his role as Lt. Dan Taylor in the 1994 blockbuster movie “Forrest Gump.” It earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor and a starring role on “CSI: NY.” Now the

Hutchison Tackles Liberal Distortion of Social Security's Health

[youtube JK9BKPbi1W8 width=500] In an interview with The Heritage Foundation, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) criticized her liberal colleagues for opposing Social Security reform, warning that they would rather increase taxes on businesses. Hutchison singled out Senate Majority Leader Harry

VIDEO: Britain's Daniel Hannan Has a Warning for America

[youtube fkPiGcqUKUc] British MEP Daniel Hannan, who gained international recognition several years ago for his passionate denunciation of Keynesian economics in general and then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown in particular, visited The Heritage Foundation last week to discuss his new book.

VIDEO: Fact Checking the President on Gas Prices

[youtube zjWZVqDw5oE] As we head into this Memorial Day weekend, Americans will be paying more at the pump than they were even a year ago. According to a recent survey by AAA, gas prices have increased by $1.06 in the

Carl's Jr., Hardee's CEO on Creating Jobs and Government Regulations

[youtube Zbf6a59XaDI] Andrew Puzder knows a thing or two about creating jobs. As CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of many famous brands including Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, Puzder has seen firsthand how government policies can help or hurt

In The Green Room: Andrew Breitbart

[youtube 2GCcVtpWVQc] Before his speech at The Heritage Foundation last week to discuss his new book, Andrew Breitbart sat down with us to discuss the power of the media and the continued influence of the Tea Party. Throughout the book,

VIDEO: Small Business Owner Faces Steep Costs as a Result of Obamacare

[youtube cUQHS6t89fM] Indiana resident Scott Womack understands the effects of Obamacare on small-business better than most. As the owner of 12 IHOP restaurants in Indiana and Ohio, Womack employs nearly 1,000 full- and part-time employees and he already offers health

Video: Collective Bargaining 101

While the situation in Wisconsin continues to heat up, there has been too little examination by the media about what collective bargaining is and how it works when government unions are involved. After all, unlike in the private sector, no

Video: The 100th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's Birthday

[youtube vTiEeDYzneE] As we look around the country today, it’s easy to be discouraged. Unemployment remains high and the Obama Administration continues to stubbornly endorse the same tired policies that have been proven failures. But as we approach the 100th

Is The American Dream Dead?

On Wednesday, The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal released the 17th edition of the Index of Economic Freedom which catalogues countries and ranks them based on their level of economic freedom. [youtube GuG0Krfsyuc] Among the highlights of this

Congress Must Cut Spending!

[youtube 1QUOGexE0qI] This week Congressional Republicans cut a deal with the White House to keep the current tax rates for at least two years, cut payroll taxes for one year, and reinstate the death tax. Whatever you think about the