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Cain Presser Open Thread: Should He Stay or Should He Go? Update: He's Out


Herman Cain will shortly announce whether or not he will continue his campaign for the GOP nomination. National Journal reports now that Cain has called all of his rivals ahead of his press conference, suggesting he will drop out of the race.

LiveStream from Breitbart.TV:

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Update: So far, this doesn’t feel anything like an event to end a campaign. That said, the Cain campaign has been nothing if not unorthodox, so you never really know until you know. Definitely interesting so far.

Update 2: He’s out. Hell of a speech, though. At the end of the day, this is a testament to why regular people no longer run for office.

Update 3: Why didn’t this Cain run for President?

Update 4: Cain just reinvented how to end one’s campaign for President. It is the new standard against which all others will be judged.


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