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Europe's Collapse and the Green Movement with James Delingpole


Is Europe worse off than the United States economically? If the EU does collapse, will it take another form? Is the Green Movement based on junk science?

In a recent interview, James Delingpole provides a different perspective on the future of the EU and the dangers of the modern Green Movement.

While many people originally thought creating a European super-state would avert war, James Delingpole believes it has had the opposite effect. “Like the Titanic, the ship is doomed,” he explains. A journalist for the London Daily Telegraph and The Spectator, Delingpole asserts that Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has been a disaster for conservatives – no Margaret Thatcher by any means.

In his recent book, Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors, Delingpole argues that the Green Movement is the “greatest threat Western Civilization has ever known.” With activists taking the moral high ground, and scientists distorting scientific facts, the circumstances are dangerous. President Obama has neglected to look at the cost-benefit analysis of the Green Movement, and has wasted $38.6 billion of taxpayer money by investing in clean energy start-ups.

So is the EU destined to decline? And is the Green Movement a dangerous ideology? To hear explanations for these questions and more, watch the full interview below.

[youtube XF-x8G0wbXI]

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