Corporate Progressivism: Arby's Aligns with Leftists and Fails

Corporate Progressivism: Arby's Aligns with Leftists and Fails

Corporate progressivism–the use of corporate influence to promote the progressive agenda–is a powerful tactic of the left used to usurp power from the individual and to promote to the left’s big government version of the common good.

Corporate progressivism takes many forms. There are those crony capitalism cases such as the Obama regime’s transfer of billions of taxpayer dollars to progressive fantasy (i.e. scam) businesses like the bankrupt Solyndra or Solar Trust of America LLC, whose businesses are often entwined with Obama campaign bundlers. Although largely ignored by the MSM, by virtue of their size, these cases at least make their way to public consciousness.

But perhaps even more dangerous than these large scale corporate cronies is the accumulated impact of the many small acts of corporate progressivism that align big business with big government, a recipe for tyranny. One such example is Arby’s Restaurant, which, late in the game, decided to “drop” advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show, even though Arby’s is not and has never been a national sponsor of Rush’s program. The attack on Rush was made via Twitter, a favorite tool of the activist left.

But is corporate progressivism really good strategy, considering that self identified conservatives outnumber Liberals by nearly 2 to 1? In terms of wealth and disposable income, one has to assume that the advantage to conservatives is greater still. Yes, we surround them–a fact that is disguised by the overwhelming predominance of liberals within the media and unappreciated by corporate America. An attack on Rush’s advertisers is an attack on conservative speech. When advertisers fold to leftist intimidation (or in Arby’s case, just pile on), they join the war on conservatism.

The good news is that it appears that the sleeping giant has awakened. 

Conservatives are using blogs and social media to fight back, and may even begin to turn the tides. After receiving much criticism via Twitter, Arby’s followed its Rush attack by blocking Twitter users who disagreed with the franchise. This tactic, however, appears to have compounded Arby’s problems. Try searching Twitter for @Arbys and you will see the negative attention Arby’s is getting. By my count, those who are outraged by the company’s progressive stance outnumber the supporters of the Media Matters manufactured attack on Rush by 20 to 1.

Perhaps this fiasco will cause the next corporation to think twice about aligning itself with the manufactured, anti conservative bullying of the radical left. You see, not only do conservatives eat fast food, we can also tweet, and will happily find alternative providers to progressive businesses that align themselves with the radical left like these dropped sponsors of Rush.  

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