True the Vote National Summit Sees Sold-Out Attendance

True the Vote National Summit Sees Sold-Out Attendance

True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht’s non-profit and nonpartisan effort dedicated to ensuring our nation’s elections are free and fair, held its second annual national summit over the past weekend. 

Tickets sold out quickly as participants traveled from over 30 states to participate in the historical gathering of America’s leading experts and activists who deal with voter fraud, voter registration fraud, and election integrity as a whole. The summit’s speakers included John Fund, Pat Caddell, Anita Moncrief, J. Christian Adams, Steve Bannon, Artur Davis, Hons Von Spavkosky, and many more. 

John Fund, the senior editor and columnist at the American Spectator, reminded the attendees that their efforts to defend election integrity were beginning to achieve success and stated, “Keep it up, you are winning.” Fund also accurately described the event as a “historic weekend for the election integrity movement and all who believe in free and fair elections.”

Former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama lit up the room when he explained exercising our rights doesn’t mean we have a right not to have to put out effort to exercise them. He stated, “Voting doesn’t happen by snapping your fingers. Where is this idea that if I have a right, I have no responsibilities?” Davis pulled out his own photo I.D. and waved it at the crowd. He reminisced about what his parents and grandparents went through under segregation and stated, “This is not a billy club, this is not a fire hose, and this is not Jim Crow, though some people say it is.” Davis went further and asked, “How is it that this tiny little thing that I can hold in my hand is causing such a stir?”

Anita Moncrief, the ACORN whistleblower who helped bring down the corrupt organization, explained to the crowd how organizations like ACORN go about the behaviors that have brought voter and voter registration fraud prosecutions. She explained that ACORN “created a climate of and culture of fraud” and how they would “hire ex-crack heads and ex-cons, people with low moral character, so it was easy to throw them under the bus.”

Hans Von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, quoted Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, stating, “Unfortunately, the United States has a long history of voter fraud that has been documented by historians and journalists.” He reminded the crowd to remember that “Every state that has passed a voter I.D. law has put in a provision that says if you don’t have one, you can get one for free.”

Pat Caddell, longtime Democratic strategist and now Fox News contributor, started his speech by proudly stating that his father was a Democrat and he himself would always be registered as one. Caddell stated, “We are talking about the demise of our democracy, and it is slow-motion suicide.” He fairly criticized efforts by Democrats and Republicans to cheat in elections and went into detail about specifics. He ended his speech with these words: “Each stolen election is a bullet at the heart of what this country is about,” and “Support of the voter I.D. law, it’s called common sense.”

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch’s president and longtime anti-corruption activist, stated that his organization has filed over 300 FOIA requests since President Barack Obama took office. “We just seek to enforce the law,” said Fitton. He held no punches on the issue of election integrity, stating, “I’m not being over the top here; I fear the Obama gang is setting themselves up to steal the elections if possible.” He continued, “The Justice Department isn’t being run by political appointees, it’s being run by outside activists. This attorney general is the most partisan hack we’ve had in office since Richard Nixon’s day.”

Andrew Breitbart had been the keynote speaker at True the Vote’s first annual conference one year prior. He was scheduled to speak at the event again prior to his passing. Steven K. Bannon,’s new board president, traveled to the summit and spoke in Breitbart’s honor. 

The event drew protests from paid union protesters and a few known Occupiers. However, the protesters were largely ignored and left after only an hour or two. 

True the Vote released this statement in appreciation of the citizens who gave of their time to help in efforts to protect our nation’s election integrity: 

We are so thankful for all the powerful speakers and, even more importantly, for the attendees and activists from 32 states who came to Houston at their own expense, to learn about free and fair elections simply because they love their country. Even though this was just our second year, we have already turned the tide in the effort to see the truth prevail against the fraudsters and do-nothing bureaucrats. We still have so much to do, but there is cause for hope — and a reason for all Americans of any political persuasion to get involved.


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