Stimulus Money: A Slush Fund for Unions and Democrats

Stimulus Money: A Slush Fund for Unions and Democrats

In my post yesterday, I made the point that 80% of the funds that went to Wisconsin from President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package were dumped into the coffers of public unions. That means unions received $600 million of the $701 million in funding that was sent under the guise of saving that state from catastrophe. The problem is, the only thing it saved were the Democrat dominated unions. Moreover, those unions, with their pockets lined from Obama, are now using millions of those dollars to try to oust Gov. Scott Walker from office.

Doesn’t it push the very boundaries of legality for Obama to confiscate the people’s money through taxes, then pass that money to unions so they can use it to war against Republicans?

Of course the money is not simply flowing to the unions in Wisconsin. As I mentioned yesterday, it went to unions in Detroit and, truth be told, to unions throughout the country. In fact, even though the American people were told the stimulus bill would save states that had been hurt by the recession, “states with higher bankruptcy, foreclosure, and unemployment rates got less money” than states with a large number of citizens who were union members.

This is why Rush Limbaugh referred to the stimulus bill as “nothing more than a money laundering slush fund.” And it’s a slush fund where a large “percentage [of the money] just goes right back to the Democrat party.”

It’s bad enough that Obama is pushing for higher taxes, and that many of the Democrats join him in this endeavor. But it goes from bad to outrageous when you stop and think about what Obama is really doing: taking money from those who earn it and giving it to unions–literally lining the pockets of these unions–so that they can flex their financial muscles for the Democrat party.


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