Boehner Gives Full Support to Issa's Fast and Furious Investigation

Boehner Gives Full Support to Issa's Fast and Furious Investigation

Today House Speaker John Boehner stated that he fully supports the investigation of Operation Fast & Furious by the House Oversight Committee and Chairman Darrell Issa. 

“Chairman Issa and the Members of his committee are doing a very good job,” said Boehner. “And I do believe that when it comes to Fast and Furious that we’ve got to get to the bottom of what happened and who’s responsible. The committee is doing that and I’m supporting their efforts.”

After that statement, a reporter asked Speaker Boehner if he was supporting the resolution (the contempt proceedings) Chairman Issa drafted against Attorney General Eric Holder.

“I’m supporting their efforts to hold those people in the Department of Justice accountable for what happened,” Boehner said. “The committee has work to do; they know what they have to do. They’re pursuing a lot of unanswered questions. And I would hope that they would continue that. All options are on the table.”

In other words Chairman Issa has Speaker Boehner’s full support to do what he needs to do to get answers about Fast & Furious. If the Oversight Committee has to hold Mr. Holder in contempt in order to receive those answers then so be it.

While I never doubted Speaker Boehner, it is nice to finally hear him actually say it.


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