WI Recall a Tea Party Victory

WI Recall a Tea Party Victory

Networks are calling the historic Wisconsin recall for Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch while final vote counts continue to roll in. This victory marks the third time the far left and Big Labor has been defeated at the polls since Obama’s inauguration. If ever there was a referendum on public sector unions and the President’s idea of how government should work, it was with this election. If ever there was a measure of the muscle of the tea party movement, let it be judged by this election. 

The tea party led the way, got out the vote, and raised massive amounts of money for the recall candidates. I visited Wisconsin twice to help rally voters and was amazed at the ground game of the Wisconsin tea party groups. I was amazed at the effort of folks like Nancy Milholland, a rock-n-roll tea partier with AFP, who helped coordinate with local grassroots. I met a tea partier named Tamra Varebrook who ran a legitimate race as a “Walker Democrat” in Racine County, the hotly contested race where embattled Van Wanggaard fought to help hold the state Senate’s Republican majority. I was up there just this past Saturday when 4,000 patriots filled a field in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin, on the outskirts of Milwaukee. They were energized, engaged, and ready to make their voices heard at the polls. 

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said in Detroit: “President Obama, this is your army … let’s take these sons of bitches out.” 

So much for that.

While Occupiers and union protesters got the ink, the tea party dropped the placards and picked up clipboards, phones, and got out the vote. They petitioned, volunteered, they took out a number of RINOs, including Dick Lugar; they forced Orrin Hatch into a primary and got Ted Cruz into a runoff. We won the House for the GOP in 2010. We won MA for Scott Brown. And now we’ve sent a message to the White House via Wisconsin: your class warfare rhetoric is rejected, your public sector construct voted down –again. 

The stage is set. Obama was denied a campaign talking point in Wisconsin. The first generation of reform governors has been protected by voters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Wisconsin a “dry run” for November. Indeed it is. Get ready.



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