ACORN Official Grabs $445 Million Grant From Obama Admin

ACORN Official Grabs $445 Million Grant From Obama Admin

ACORN, the supposedly defunct organization defunded by Congress in the aftermath of James O’Keefe’s video exposing ACORN employees’ willingness to help pimps and prostitutes attain government benefits, is back. As Judicial Watch has uncovered, the Obama administration offered $445 million to a former ACORN official as part of a $7.6 billion government program designed to help “unemployed or substantially underemployed” Americans make their mortgage payments.

The ACORN official, Joe McGavin, is director of Hardest Hit, an Illinois program that received that massive Treasury infusion. Prior to his time at Hardest Hit, McGaven was director of counseling for ACORN Housing in Chicago, and the operations manager for Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), an ACORN affiliate.

While ACORN was supposedly cut off from taxpayers, the facts say otherwise. And this is just the latest indicator. As Judicial Watch reported, “ACORN got tens of thousands of dollars in grants to ‘combat housing and lending discrimination.’ The money came via Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which awarded a $79,819 grant to AHCOA.”

Don’t be surprised to see the new, reorganized ACORN – now spread out across the country, without benefit of the ACORN label – play a role in the 2012 election cycle.


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