Obama Campaign Refuses To Pay Costs Associated With Campaign Stop

Obama Campaign Refuses To Pay Costs Associated With Campaign Stop

President Barack Obama last month “dined and dashed,” eating lunch at a restaurant and then promptly leaving without paying the bill. Obama ended up paying the bill by the close of business, but the New Hampshire town in which he spoke on Monday was not as lucky. 

Durham, New Hampshire officials said they did not have the money “budgeted for police, fire and EMS services needed for President Obama’s visit, and the Obama for America campaign said they wouldn’t pay,” according to Boston’s CBS affiliate. 

The Obama campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and could not foot the $20,000 bill. Fortunately for the New Hampshire town, an anonymous donor stepped up and covered the cost, saying “this was the right thing to do.” 

When he issued his immigration directive, Obama said he did so because “it was the right thing to do.” Recently, Obama’s weekend trip to Chicago for adviser Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s wedding forced Chicago to divert police resources from high-crime areas and left them footing the extra costs associated with his trip. It is bad enough that many municipalities are left footing the bill due to Obama’s unfunded mandates and poor economic policies, but the Obama campaign’s refusal to pay the costs associated with their campaign events, leaving municipalities holding the bag, does not seem like it’s the “right thing to do.”


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