New York Democrat Rangel Accused of Suppressing Hispanic Vote

New York Democrat Rangel Accused of Suppressing Hispanic Vote

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) last year railed against voter identification laws, saying such laws were the “Ku Klux Klan without the hoods.” He said such laws are tactics used by Republicans to suppress voters. 

And now, in a rich instance of irony and hypocrisy, Rangel has been accused of suppressing Hispanic voters to ensure his reelection, according to the New York Post.

A Dominican American organization, along with New York state Senator Adriano Espaillat, called the Department of Justice to “investigate whether access to the ballot was denied or suppressed for Latino/Dominican voters in the Democratic Primary for the 13th Congressional District.” Additionally, the Dominican American National Roundtable and Espaillat claimed that “many Hispanics in the upper Manhattan/Bronx district were told their names were not on voting rolls and that they were not offered interpreters” according to the Post.  Senator Adriano Espaillat is trying to unseat Rangel and currently trails Rangel by roughly 800 votes in their district primary with ballots still yet to be counted.

Espaillat, according to the Post, will head to the New York state Supreme Court “to demand his campaign and the press be granted the right to monitor the final days of counting ballots” to ensure Rangel’s campaign does not engage in any more shenanigans. 

When he was falsely accusing Republicans of voter suppression, it seems as if Rangel thought those suppression tactics could come in handy to preserve his power. This is yet another case of Democrats falsely hating in Republicans what they hate about themselves. 

The hypocrisy on the left regarding voting issues and laws knows no end. 


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