Obama Campaign To Raise Money On Martha's Vineyard With Cast of 'The Wire'

Obama Campaign To Raise Money On Martha's Vineyard With Cast of 'The Wire'

Combine affluent, elite liberals in one of the nation’s most exclusive zip codes with the seediness associated with urban politics and community organizing and one would have a perfect sample of President Barack Obama’s coalition. 

And that is what will happen on August 15 when Obama’s campaign holds a fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard, except those associated with urban politics will merely be represented by actors from “The Wire,” the television show about life in Baltimore’s inner city, and others who will have to pay at least $500 to attend.  

According to the Sunlight Foundation, the invitation for the fundraiser states, “Please join the cast of [The Wire] for a reception in support of the Obama Victory Fund with supporters like you in Martha’s Vineyard.” It will cost $500 to $2,500 to attend.  

Obama is not scheduled to attend, but speculation has begun as to which characters from his favorite television show will make an appearance. 

One of the most popular guesses is Michael K. Williams, who plays Obama’s favorite character, Omar Little, who is described as a “shotgun-toting gay man who makes his living holding up drug dealers.” 

“I robs drug dealers,” Omar famously once said when asked about his profession on the show. 

Omar, on the show, then spreads some of that wealth around to poor people in his Baltimore neighborhood.

Others have speculated that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley may attend. 

O’Malley, the bland but overly-ambitious former Baltimore mayor who is one of Obama’s top surrogates and attack dogs, has raised taxes in Maryland to the point where his citizens are fleeing the state en masse to states like Virginia that have better economic climates

O’Malley has been strongly rumored to have been the inspiration for Tommy Carcetti, who, on the show, is the mayor of Baltimore who eventually becomes governor of Maryland at the conclusion of the series. 

Or Perhaps the actor Clarke Peters will attend. 

On the show, Peters plays Detective Lester Freamon, who once said, “You follow drugs, you get drug addicts and drug dealers. But you start to follow the money, and you don’t know where the [bleep] it’s gonna take you.”

That quote aptly describes the crony capitalistic money trail of the Obama administration that has led to taxpayer monies in his stimulus plan funding foreign companies and a host of green energy gambles gone wrong, of which the failed solar energy company Solyndra is the most prominent example. 

“The Wire”-themed fundraiser is also symbolic and fitting because the show, which is on the list of “Stuff White People Like,” is one frequently cited by liberal whites to show their connection and ties to inner cities their outdated “war on poverty”-esque policies have crippled and reduced to being even more dependent on government. 

And at the fundraiser — on a beach far away from the inner cities — there is likely to be more talk about such programs liberals love to espouse and fund with everyone’s money except their own.