Sherrod Brown's Anti-Israel Extremism Means Big Donations for J Street

Sherrod Brown's Anti-Israel Extremism Means Big Donations for J Street

If you care about Israel and you live in Ohio, the choice for Senator is clear. On the one hand there is Josh Mandel, the descendant of Holocaust survivors, who served two tours in Iraq (the second when he volunteered after President Bush announced the surge), was married in Jerusalem under the crossed swords of Marines, and is a hawk on Israel. On the other hand there is Sherrod Brown, the senator that J Street, the anti-Israel organization funded by George Soros, endorses; the same man who launched the 2012 campaign of Barack Obama, who has constantly undermined Israel’s national security with leaks – and who refuses to call Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish People, the capital of Israel.

Just how dangerous is Brown for Israel? If one synthesizes the information about Brown, it is clear that he associates with those who hate the Jewish state.

Occupy Wall Street, which was chock-full of leftist-Israel haters, was praised by Brown in October, 2011: “I think the energy coming out of the Wall Street Protesters is always a good thing.” Brown had a fundraiser in May 2012 hosted by rabidly-anti-Israel actor Martin Sheen, who funds the Office of the Americas, a group that consistently attacks the United States and Israel. Sheen has been arrested outside the Israeli Defense Ministry offices when he demonstrated against U.S.-Israel military cooperation.

In June 2011, Brown wrote congratulatory remarks that were read at a CAIR event, but both he and CAIR have refused to release the text of what he said.  One of the speakers was Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, Director of Outreach of Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., which just happens to be the mosque that was attended by two of the 9/11 bombers and also Fort Hood terrorist Nidal Hasan. The mosque has had connections to Hamas for years.

But the most revealing fact in Brown’s dossier is this: from 2007 to 2012, the organization that gave Brown the most money was J Street, which gave him almost $60,000.  J Street is funded in large part by Israel-hater George Soros, and the organization even was caught lying about his funding of them in 2010.

Here is how rabidly anti-Israel J Street is:

  • The J Street PAC received funds from the Saudi Arabian embassy’s attorney, Nancy Dutton.
  • J Street joined with National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and opposed congressional efforts to impose sanctions on Iran. (J Street Director Ben Ami had the gall to lie in the Knesset and say that J Street had never opposed sanctions against Iran.)
  • J Street PAC repeatedly took contributions from Mehmet Celebi, of Chicago. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign dropped Celebi in 2008 when it learned he produced Valley of the Wolves, a viciously anti-American and anti-Semitic Turkish film.
  • J Street joined with Churches for Peace in the Middle East, which supports the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) efforts against Israel’s  sponsorship of a visit to Israel in February 2010.
  • Morton Halperin, one of five directors of J Street, wrote a letter defending the false Goldstone report which savaged Israel over Operation Cast Lead, and J Street helped set up meetings for Goldstone on Capitol Hill.
  • Daniel Levy, Ben-Ami’s partner in the formation of J Street, stated at a conference in Abu Dhabi that “the creation of Israel” was “an act that was wrong.”
  • J Street welcomed BDS lobbyists to its national conference, where  BDS ran a session on the boycott of Israeli products.
  • J Street lobbied the US Congress against a resolution that condemned the blatant incitement in Palestinian school books and Palestinian media.

So J Street heartily endorses Brown. It’s not surprising, with the company Brown keeps; he’s no friend to the Jewish state. And if the people of Ohio care about Israel at all, they won’t reelect him.


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