Rasmussen: 47% of Voters Say Obama's Views Extreme

Rasmussen: 47% of Voters Say Obama's Views Extreme

Maybe its a consequence of Obama’s “you didn’t built that” controversy. Or simply a realization that after the ObamaCare take-over, failed stimulus and the blatant stoking of class resentment, Obama envisions an America that is vastly different than any of us believe. Whatever the reason, the latest polling data from Rasmussen should give the Obama campaign pause; 47% of voters consider Obama’s views “extreme.” 

The latest survey of 1,000 likely voters nationwide was conducted July 29-30. It asked a simple question:

Would it be more accurate to describe Barack Obama’s views as mainstream or extreme?

Only 44% of voters said Obama’s views were “mainstream.” 47% said his views were extreme. In contrast, a majority, 51% said Romney’s views were “mainstream”, while 37% said his views were extreme. 

Lots of attention is always paid to the day-to-day grind of the campaign or the latest ad salvo from one candidate to the other. These things do matter, but elections also come down to certain fundamentals. The state of the economy is a huge one. But, also, the public’s general assessment of the candidates. Roughly, who the voters think they are. 

Almost a majority consider Obama “extreme”, while a majority consider Romney “mainstream.” Remember, this is after months of Obama’s and the media’s relentless attacks on Romney and his background. 

“Hope and Change” seems so long ago. 

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