Obama Campaign Email Singles Out Adelson Again

Obama Campaign Email Singles Out Adelson Again

Amidst the flurry of ever-more-desperate campaign emails from the Obama team, yesterday’s missive still stood out as beyond the pale. “We’re in trouble,” the email said. “We got beat three months in a row. If we don’t step it up, we’re in trouble.” During the month of July, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party brought in some $101 million, as opposed to Obama’s $75 million. The email once again singled out Sheldon Adelson, a favorite target of the Democratic Party, as the evil wealthy mastermind behind the Romney campaign. It would take nearly 200,000 Obama supporters giving an average of $53 in July to outweight “one Sheldon Adelson with a $10,000,000 pledge,” said the email.

This is nasty politics, especially from a party that has long insisted that criticism of George Soros’ political spending constitutes anti-Semitism. Adelson is significantly more Jewish in the political sense than Soros; Soros is an anti-Israel activist, while Adelson is a major pro-Israel supporter. As for Adelson’s large donations, Democrats seem to be fine with unions spending millions of dollars on voter outreach and super PACs. They just don’t want Republicans getting into the game.

The polls show Obama in a tight race with Romney, despite Obama’s supposed fundraising deficit. But if these emails are any indicator, Obama is frightened of a late advertising push from the Romney campaign that could push Romney over the top in swing states.


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