Romney Ad Hits Obama for Declaring War On Catholics

Romney Ad Hits Obama for Declaring War On Catholics

Team Romney does a lot in thirty seconds….


The timing of the release is interesting. Yesterday, in Colorado, President Obama appeared with Sandra Fluke. You remember her, she’s the activist who testified before Congress about how important it is that the government force health insurance companies to provide free birth control. Only later did we find out Ms. Fluke was unaware you could buy said birth control at Target for $12.

Intellectuals really don’t know anything, do they?

But the bigger picture here is Obama’s war on religion, and his deranged values that put a non-existent right to free birth control over a First Amendment that protects the free exercise of religion without government interference.

Using a social justice argument that appeals to too many misguided Catholics, Obama fooled many of them into hopping aboard the ObamaCare train. Only after the train had left the station, though, would these same Catholics discover in the fine print that they will now be forced violate their conscience and pay for birth control in the form of insurance at Catholic institutions (hospitals, social service outlets, etc.).

This would be like forcing Muslims to provide free pork, you know, because the government believes it’s good for you.

The Romney ad doesn’t get at all specific about this. Instead it opens with the generic (and correct) charge that Obama used ObamaCare to force religious institutions to go against their faith. The ad then shifts towards a more positive message that focuses on Romney’s overseas trip to Poland and the endorsement he received from Cold War hero Lech Walesa.

It’s a nice pivot that reminds millions of Catholics of how the president stabbed them in the back and then tells them Romney is on their side — with a side order of How about this Lech Walesa endorsement?

Romney looks strong in the ad and it’s nice to see the campaign embracing his mostly successful trip overseas, even though our corrupt media killed themselves to pretend it wasn’t and to cover up the Walesa endorsement.


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