Obama Put Social Change Ahead of U.S. Economic Recovery

Obama Put Social Change Ahead of U.S. Economic Recovery

Analysis by the AP, reported here at the Washington Times, documents an Obama-led economic recovery far slower than any American economic recovery since the Great Depression. Obama’s social and economic policies have actually slowed American economic growth at a time when she needed it most in the face of both domestic and international pressure and challenges.

“An Associated Press analysis shows that by just about any measure, the (recovery) that began in June 2009 is the weakest.”

American GDP grew 15.5 percent on average in other recoveries, but not in this one – it struggles along at 6.8%. Rather than adopt policies that would fuel recovery, Obama’s focus on social issues, wealth re-distribution and the golf course have left America significantly weaker than she had to be.

Traditionally, America has stood as a source of growth and some stability as Europe and the world faced even greater economic woes. Yet, instead of fostering that tradition, the leftist policies of Barack Obama seem intent on changing America forever, moving it toward a weaker, more socialist Europe, instead of standing as a much stronger economic counter-weight.

Across the board, the Obama recovery lags by every measure. Investment in housing under Obama has been only a quarter of what it’s been in other recoveries and even government spending is down in relative terms. That’s not from lack of desire, but a lack of capital and irresponsible spending driven by liberal politicians that has increased over the years.

The struggle with job creation has become a monthly narrative each time new numbers come out and even consumer attitudes are significantly below where one has usually found them in other recoveries. Obama’s constant talk of more taxes on investors and the middle class demonstrate his interest in social engineering, as opposed to real engineering, that fosters economic growth by putting more working boots on the ground.

Growth in wages as compared to other recoveries is also down. In short, by every measure, the focus and politics of Barack Obama have done little to lift America during a period of economic weakness. Instead, they’ve mostly prolonged the agony.

That is the real message the Romney/Ryan campaign is focused on getting out to the American people and Obama is terrified of it. Hence, we are seeing distraction after distraction from them, no matter how base, or baseless, to change the subject of how poorly Obama has performed as a steward of the American economy precisely when she needed a good one.

For more facts and analysis, see the Washington Times.