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Clinton: Nothing Could Be More Frightening Than Four More Years

Clinton: Nothing Could Be More Frightening Than Four More Years

Okay, who’s the quisling at the DNC who said of the president:

A record of failure. The highest unemployment in eight years. The worst economic record since the Great Depression.  Aren’t you ready to say enough is enough?

This fifth-column spy also said of the president:

The worst economic record of any president in 50 years. Nothing could be more frightening than four more years.

Why, it’s Bill Clinton -from attack ads he ran in 1992 against George H. Bush.

You mean the honorary president of the Treat Women with Dignity Foundation is being hypocritical?

That’s correct. The same guy who has a record of abusing women, yet will act as if he’s fighting against the “War on Women,” is somehow going to twist himself in knots trying to explain that a president who has an exponentially worse record on the economy than George H. Bush should be reelected.

It’s ironic to see a man who once asked women to bend every-which-way for him contort himself into a pretzel – all because he’s shilling for someone whose kind of economic record he once gleefully attacked.

Go ahead, Mr. Clinton.  It’s your reputation, stupid.


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