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Five Conservative Comebacks to the Democrat Convention Spin

Five Conservative Comebacks to the Democrat Convention Spin

At least five themes coming out of the Democratic National Convention need refuting by conservatives and Republicans.

1. Sure, the economy is a disaster, but President Obama really, really cares about, like, you know, people and stuff.

Conservative Comeback:   If you were in a near-fatal car accident and rushed to the emergency room, would you want an incompetent but really nice doctor?  Or would you want a surgeon who, despite his quiet humility, had a “sterling” career healing patients and saving lives.

2. Obama inherited a mess from Bush.

Conservative Comeback:   Yes, and Obama made it far worse.  Obama inherited a AAA credit rating.  He destroyed it.  Obama inherited $1.84  a gallon gas.  He doubled it.   Obama inherited a $10.6 trillion debt.  He exploded it to $16 trillion.  Obama inherited a 7.8% unemployment rate.  He raised it to 8.3% unemployment rate.    Obama inherited a nation with 32 million citizens on food stamps.  He’s increased that to 46.7 million food stamp recipients.  Obama doubled down on disaster and made things far worse than any of us ever imagined.

3. Obama created 4.5 million jobs.

Conservative Comeback:  You’re joking, right?  Even CNN  says that’s a farce.  Indeed, Obama is the only president since WWII to preside over a net job loss.  Put simply, there are fewer people working than when the Hope & Change Express rolled into the White House. Moreover, 58% of recovered jobs are now low-wage.

4.  Romney will take us backward.  Obama will take us forward!

Conservative Comeback:  America is at the cliff’s edge, and Obama wants to go…Forward?!   Romney?  He wants America to Rise.

5.   Those meany obstructionist Republicans just wouldn’t let Obama pass what he wanted to pass.

Conservative Comeback:  Obama and the Democratic Party had control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives for the entire first half of his presidency–a luxury presidents seldom enjoy.  He had as close to a blank check as a modern president could dream of having.  And what did he do with all that power and potential?  He squandered it bailing out his big money donors on Wall Street (none of whom his Administration has put in prison), gave us the so-called “Stimulus” (which failed miserably), and rammed one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation–Obamacare–down America’s throat.

If you’re not on offense, you’re on defense.  Conservatives and Republicans need to stay on offense.


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