President Signs 'Go Obamacare!' on Med Student's Lab Coat

President Signs 'Go Obamacare!' on Med Student's Lab Coat

The University of Iowa medical student whose lab coat President Barack Obama signed last Friday does not fully know, like most Americans and legislators, what exactly is in Obamacare.

“Go Obamacare!,” Obama wrote before signing his name on Shadee Giurgius’s lab coat. 

“I’m going to have to read up about it and know everything after this Obama signature,” Giurgius told CNN after saying Obamacare had affected him personally because it would allow those under 26 years of age to say on their parents’ health insurance. Giurgius, who has done significant work on Alzheimer’s disease, knew a bit more about the legislation than the average person. But the legislation Nancy Pelosi said needed to be passed before Americans could know what was actually in it is so complicated that even a medical student still has to “read up about it.” 

Giurgius said he was at a T-Pain concert when a lady from the White House staff approached him and asked, “you guys want to go see Obama?” 

The race in Iowa between Obama and Romney is virtually tied, with Obama leading by only 0.2 percentage points in the RealClearPolitics average. And that is why the president is embracing things like Obamacare (Obama’s campaign even tweeted a picture of his Giurgius’ lab coat) to appeal to his liberal base, even though a Des Moines Register survey in February found that nearly 60 percent of Iowans did not like Obamacare.  

The side that can turn best turn out its base in Iowa may win the state, and that is why Romney endorsed Rep. Steve King last week, playing to the conservative Republican base in Iowa.  

But Obama’s embrace of Obamacare in Iowa may remind conservatives that they need to defeat Obama if Obamacare is to be repealed and motivate them to go to the polls in November. 

On Tuesday, the front page of the liberal Des Moines Register ran a big feature about another federal regulation. With a splashy headline that read, “CHEW ON THIS, KIDS,” the paper did a feature on federal regulations concerning school lunches. And while the left-leaning paper wrote a generally favorably article about the regulations, some Iowans expressed concerns about the regulations in the story. 


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