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Shades of Tehran 1980: Obama Only Sending 50 Marines into Libya

Shades of Tehran 1980: Obama Only Sending 50 Marines into Libya

In the last two days there have been armed attacks on the US embassy in Libya, where US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 of his staff were killed, the Egyptian embassy has also been attacked, and protests against the US have been held outside our embassy in Jakarta. 

And now it appears we are responding by dispatching a contingent of 50 Marines to Libya.

I love our military and fully support them, but why are we only sending 50 Marines?

With all due respect to those making these decisions, it is high time to fight from a position of strength. We must use overwhelming force, as force is the only thing the armed mobs in Libya will understand

It seems we are sending a very small group of fighters into harm’s way, and in so doing, may only succeed in seeing harm done to our Marines. 

This is all too reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s “Operation Eagle Claw,” a failed attempt to extract US hostages from Tehran in April 1980. On top of other mishaps, Carter sent too few men instead of sending overwhelming force, 8 American servicemen were killed, and 4 were wounded as the mission was canceled (leaving the US hostages in Tehran for another 9 months).

God bless our troops, and especially these 50 Marines who are headed into the fray.


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