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Class Warfare President Releases Ad Attacking Class Warfare

Class Warfare President Releases Ad Attacking Class Warfare

Barack Obama should not be President of the United States–according to President Barack Obama. 

That’s the inescapable conclusion of a new ad released by the Obama campaign in which one man proclaims: “As a president, if you try to separate by demographics, separate by classes, you know, you’re not really a president.” Obama’s entire pitch to voters–throughout his campaign and presidency–does exactly that.

The ad is aimed at remarks made in May, and revealed earlier this week, by Republican rival Mitt Romney. Romney controversially said–according to an apparently illegal, incomplete video–that it would be tough to win votes from the “47 percent” of Americans who pay no federal income tax. 

The Obama campaign pounced on Romney’s remarks as evidence of his unreadiness to be a president for “all the people.”

And yet.

It was Obama who endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement and its self-declared “class war” against the “one percent.” It was Obama who has pushed for tax hikes on people he derides as “millionaires and billionaires.” It was Obama who told Latino voters to fight their “enemies” in the GOP. It was the Obama campaign that refused to back down from racially-charged claims that Romney would put blacks “in chains.”

Obama’s entire re-election effort is premised on the gamble that he can “separate by demographics, separate by classes,” exploiting envy and prejudice rather than running on his record or his policy proposals for the future. 

Gone are the “hope and change” of 2008; gone are the promises to depart from politics-as-usual in Washington; in its place is a relentlessly divisive campaign–the likes of which the nation has never seen.

By his own standards, Barack Obama is “not really a president.” 

He should do America a favor, and resign.


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