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POLL: Romney Up 4 in FL, Down 3 in OH; Voters Unhappy with Obama Foreign Policy

POLL: Romney Up 4 in FL, Down 3 in OH; Voters Unhappy with Obama Foreign Policy

With recent events turning the focus onto US foreign policy, public opinion on foreign affairs will come to influence the presidential election.  Voters in two swing states, Ohio and Florida show a clear dissatisfaction with the Obama administration’s handling of foreign affairs, which could bear out on his re-election prospects.

According to a recent poll released by Secure America Now, swing state voters in Ohio and Florida have serious concerns about the Obama administration’s foreign policy. The poll was conducted by Caddell Associates and McLaughlin and Associates, September 13-15 among 600 likely voters. The polls show Romney leading in FL by four and trailing by three in OH.

Florida and Ohio voters both say the current policy of sanctioning Iran for developing nuclear weapons is not working. Two-thirds in each state say the sanctions will not convince Iran to stop advancing it’s nuclear program. An even larger majority believe that Iran will share their nuclear weapons with with terrorists who want to attack the US, with 76% in Florida and 70% in Ohio.

A plurality of swing state voters also see that the policy of outreach to the Muslim world has decreased the security of the US. Forty-six percent of voters in Florida say so and 43% of Ohio voters say the same. The Muslim Brotherhood is vastly more disliked than liked in both Florida and Ohio, with two thirds of likely Florida voters have an unfavorable opinion of the group and 47% in Ohio. Only six percent view the Brotherhood favorably.

If Obama doesn’t reconsider his policies, he may see a drop off of support nationwide. As the consequences of US foreign policy continue to unfold, his campaign could see his chances in the swing states fade away.

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