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NY Dept of Education Offers Teens Morning-After Pill

NY Dept of Education Offers Teens Morning-After Pill

So now the New York City Department of Education is offering tacit approval of teenage sex; they are offering the morning-after pill to students in a pilot program at 13 high schools around New York.

Guess how old you have to be to qualify without parental notification?

Would you believe 14-years-old? You’d better believe it, because it’s true.

Well, what the hell, don’t tell little Virginia to wait until marriage, tell her to get started early!

Backers of the plan say that it will reduce teen pregnancy. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said:

High school students are very sexually active and getting pregnant so we don’t have that luxury to think that they are too young to be engaged in conversations about contraception and sexual education. I think that it is correct to not have parental notification. Just as I do as it relates to no parental notification around abortions because the complexity of it, although reflexively that sounds right, it really will end up in reality rendering the resource useless for many of the girls who need it most.  

The parents simply love the idea, because now they can let their children run wild without consequences. Although parents have the right to opt out of the program, only 1-2% of parents have chosen to opt out. And that means a lot of these pills are going to be distributed; there are more than 7,000 New York City residents who get pregnant by the time they are 17, and more than half of those pregnancies are aborted.

Many New Yorkers like to look down their noses at “fly-over” country, where quite often, religious values predominate. This news proves what the rest of the country already knew: many New Yorkers are just lousy and disinterested parents and don’t have the guts to teach their children how to say “No.”


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