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Romney Urges Voters in Colorado to Kick Obama Out

Romney Urges Voters in Colorado to Kick Obama Out

Republicans on the ground in Colorado have urged Mitt Romney to campaign more aggressively in a state they think Romney can win. On Sunday, Romney campaigned in Jefferson County, Colorado and asked if voters wanted four more years of President Barack Obama’s failed record. He said Colorado could be the state that that could decide the election.

Sunday marked the start of  a crucial week for Romney. He will campaign again in Colorado (Pueblo County) on Monday before going on a three-day bus tour throughout Ohio before ending the week in Virginia. 

Paul Ryan will campaign in Ohio on Monday and Tuesday before campaigning in Colorado (Fort Collins and Colorado Springs) on Wednesday.

Ed Gillespie, a senior strategist on the campaign, wrote in a memo on Monday, that the Romney and Ryan will emphasize “the policies that will help make trade work for America and enable us to be energy independent by 2020” and “talk about the need to protect U.S. intellectual property rights from cheaters in China, open new markets with trade agreements ignored by the Obama Administration, approve the Keystone pipeline so thousands of Americans can be working on a pipeline instead of standing in an unemployment line, and lifting the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Romney has a chance to also highlight Obama’s foreign policy failures this week after Obama, in a “60 Minutes” interview, dismissed the recent turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa that resulted in the murder of Chris Stevens, as merely “bumps in the road.” And instead of meeting with world leaders during the U.N.’s General Assembly meetings on Monday, Obama will campaign instead on “The View.”

Before an enthusiastic crowd of over 7,000 on a Sunday night, Romney previewed many of these themes as he highlighted President Barack Obama’s failures on the economy and focused on Romney’s private sector experiences and plans to make America more energy efficient 

In reference to Obama’s comments at a Univision forum in which he conceded he has been unable to change Washington from the inside, Romney said, “we’re gonna give him that chance on Nov. 6” to change Washington from the outside.

And his campaign event received good press throughout Colorado’s top newspapers on Monday. 

In the Durango Herald in Southwest Colorado, the front page headline is: “Romney: Send the Incumbent ‘Outside.'” 

The front page of The Denver Post on Monday has the headline, “Romney rolls out his sales pitch,” and the story discusses how the “Republican nominee refocuses on the economy, saying Obama hasn’t improve it but that he can.”

At the rally on Sunday, Romney said Obama and his advisers “just don’t understand the power of entrepreneurs and dreamers” and “don’t understand small business.” 

In The Tribune in Greeley County, Colorado, the front page headline is, “Romney calls out Obama on economy.” 

On Sunday, Romney said, “you have to be in business to understand how to create jobs,” in reference to Obama’s lack of private sector experience and how that has translated into his mismanaging the country’s economy. 

Obama won Colorado by nine points in 2008, largely because he carried the state’s independents. In 2012, Republicans have registration advantages in the state’s three most important swing counties and Romney is winning independents even in polls that oversample Democrats. 


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