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Reid: Romney Bad Example of Mormonism

Reid: Romney Bad Example of Mormonism

You may have already seen on any number of news sites that Reid said Romney “is not the face of Mormonism” and that he agreed that Romney “sullied the religion.” This is a new line attacking Romney, on the same order as Reid’s earlier baseless accusation that Romney hadn’t paid taxes for ten years. It’s all politics. And it’s certainly not good Mormonism.

Romney is a prominent, though not lone, face of Mormonism, but he has not sullied its name. Far from it. That would be the liberal media Romney coverage. They are the ones writing up Romney as if he were some elitist, when his record of personal service and charitable donations is so strong it puts Obama and the Democrats to shame. Personal accounts of Romney from those who know him well — and I’ve read dozens over the past year, though they’re admittedly hard to find because the liberal media avoids them — all agree that he is kind, caring, helpful, hardworking, humble, honest, thrifty and funny. This is a big thing, for a politician. I know of no such endorsements of Obama’s character. And I’ve looked.

This whole idea is even more laughable if you think about the media reporting that Mormonism’s name is sullied by Romney when they’re the ones misrepresenting Mormonism! For example, they won’t often report that the LDS Church maintains strict political neutrality, while taking occasional positions on social issues. I’ve yet to see a mainstream article talking about the existence of a Mormon Harry Reid (D) and a Mormon Orrin Hatch (R), which would put people’s minds at ease. That’s not what the media is going for.

No, Mormonism is not damaged by Romney. The media only has half-truths to make that case. For instance, progressives accused him of lacking compassion because of the 47% remark, based on a tape which Mother Jones admitted was incomplete. 

The fundamental belief and practice in the LDS Church is to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is loving and inviting and teaches people not to judge each other; I’d add this holds true from what is printed about people in the press. Romney has not been divisive. He has been inviting, offering every American the hope of more freedom, a strong economy with jobs aplenty, and the need for welfare abated.

On the other hand, what Harry Reid said is divisive — like most of what Democrats go for with class warfare, the “war on women,” racism, immigration, and any other fabricated division. If the GOP were really what the Democrats said they were, the GOP would be the devil incarnate. But they’re not. And Romney’s not either. Since 60% of Americans don’t trust media reporting, we’re off to a good start in breaking down phony media narratives such as this one.


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