DSCC Forced to Pour $410K into Maine Senate Race

DSCC Forced to Pour $410K into Maine Senate Race

The Democratic Party is getting more and more concerned about the prospects for Angus King in Maine. What once was looked at as an easy win has gradually become a horse race, and now the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has poured $410,000 into the race. Breitbart News has been at the forefront of vetting King.

The race has narrowed significantly since June; what was once a 27-28 point lead for King over Republican Charlie Summers has shrunk to between 8-12 points.  In a stunning display of cynicism, the Democratic Party refuses to support their own candidate, Cynthia Dill, and is backing King, a supposed independent, to the hilt, because he is more sure to win and is expected to caucus with Democrats. They are worried that if they support Dill she will siphon votes away from King.

NRSC executive director Rob Jesmer has been trying to enlighten the Maine voters as to the methods of the Democrats, alluding to Maine Democratic Party chairman Ben Grant’s column in the Portland Press Herald on Friday that King’s party allegiance couldn’t be trusted:

“It’s remarkable to see national Democrats now spending money in a state where they refuse to even endorse their own nominee. Now that they are spending almost a half-million dollars in Maine, the DSCC should make clear who they are supporting — the Democratic nominee or the candidate that the State Democratic Party Chairman said today cannot be trusted.”


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