Pelosi's PAC Sterotypes and Attacks First Woman Combat Pilot

Pelosi's PAC Sterotypes and Attacks First Woman Combat Pilot

 Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC and Rep. Ron Barber are running an extraordinarily sexist ad against Martha McSally. Ms. McSally is running against Rep. Barber in Arizona’s new 2nd Congressional District. Barber won a special election to finish Rep. Gabrielle Giffords term. This ad shows McSally on a recipe card with allegations she wants to raise the retirement age, end Medicare, and privatize social security.

“The fact that they use this theme of Martha McSally in a kitchen cooking up recipes is…overtly sexist and insulting to any woman, but it certainly doesn’t fit specifically with me,” she said. “For crying out loud, I served 26 years in the military. I was too busy shooting 30 mm out of my A-10 at the Taliban and al Qaeda to spend any time in a kitchen.”

Wait. Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the ones behind this whole war on women? Instead they use stereotypical images of stay at home moms, excluding her amazing accomplishments.

She joined the Air Force Academy and wanted to become a fighter pilot when she was told she couldn’t. She graduated from the Academy and then earned a master’s degree in public policy at the Kennedy School at Harvard. When the Pentagon was thinking about a policy change, she was an instructor.

Ms. McSally has flown 300 hours combat hours over Iraq and Afghanistan. She earned a Bronze Star during Operation Enduring Freedom during 2005 and 2006.

But this ad isn’t just insulting to Ms. McSally. It’s insulting to all women, but really insulting to those who do choose to stay home. Do Minority Leader Pelosi and Rep Barber think women who do choose to stay home can’t have a say in politics? Do they think stay at home mothers don’t know what is going on?

Or are they implying Ms. McSally and women belong in the kitchen?

The ad is filled with lies and attacks women. If Minority Leader Pelosi or Rep Barber had any integrity they’d take it down.


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