Close the Sale Gov. Romney

Close the Sale Gov. Romney

Are the presidential debates helping soft supporters and undecided voters make up their mind? That is really the only objective for these gladiator contests.

Right now, TV commercials are just white noise for voters in swing states. The campaigns and Super PACs may not understand that, but it is reality. 

These last two debates are the best chance to ask the real questions and speak to non-aligned voters about what challenges lie ahead. This last inning allows us the opportunity to engage them on the real issues and questions; not the noise of Big Bird or conversations that detract from the difficult realities we’re facing as a nation.

At Tuesday’s upcoming debate, Gov. Romney should use his opening statement by talking directly to the viewing audience and ask them to answer a few questions. The answers to these questions must lead to one conclusion: the firing of Pres. Obama.

The opening script should go something like this:

“Hello my fellow Americans.  I want to ask you a few questions. And while tonight’s topic is “national security,” one of the aspects of a strong national security is an economically viable and job-creating economy that lives within its means.

If you had a boss, a business partner or co-worker who made promise after promise that they did not keep, would they keep their job?

In 2008, President Obama made a campaign promise that he would cut our deficits in half.  Every year he has been president we have had trillion dollar deficits, a near doubling of the average under Bush.  During this administration, we have seen an additional $64,000 liability per taxpayer in just four years.  Based on those results, does he deserve re-election?

President Obama, when pushing through a stimulus program that alone added thousands of dollars of debt for every U.S. citizen, declared that with this spending, unemployment would remain below 8 percent and by now would be about 6 percent. Since the passage of the Obama stimulus, unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 44 months, 23 million people are out of work or underemployed. Based on those broken promises, does Pres. Obama deserve re-election?

In regards to national security, just the past month, over 20 countries have seen anti-American protests, riots and violence committed against our embassies; and for the first time in over two decades a US ambassador has been killed.  Sixty-five American embassies or consulates around the world have had threats of violence, all across the Middle East protestors have burned effigies of President Obama and chants of “Listen, listen Obama, we are all Osama” ring through the air, all while Iran is reported to be closer than ever, within about a year, of becoming a nuclear-armed power.  Based on these results, does President Obama deserve re-election?

This election is not about excuses – it is about results.

What you are going to hear tonight is a lot of excuses, finger pointing and blame from Pres. Obama. I submit to you: your families don’t have the luxury of any more excuses; our economy has not improved and we are not seen as stronger in the world, either by our enemies or our allies.

I ask you to vote on your family’s best interests; I ask you to vote for someone with a proven track record of results, not failed promises or excuses.  None of us can afford another four years of promises of change and hope but which yield no real progress for our country.  We can do better, and with your vote we can bring this great country back to its position of strength and prosperity.

Then during the debate, Gov. Romney continually needs to challenge the audience and ask them if they accept whatever current excuse or finger pointing Pres. Obama offers – there will be many opportunities.

When the moderator gives him time for his closing, he needs to go back and ask the same questions again.

The American people are bright, hard working and care about the direction of their country. Gov. Romney needs to put in front of them the real questions, for which the answers will only lead to a Romney/Ryan victory.