Obama Demonizes Tea Party in Final Days of Campaign

Obama Demonizes Tea Party in Final Days of Campaign

After failing to mention the Tea Party by name on the stump in 2012, President Barack Obama mentioned the movement during at least five stump speeches on Thursday and Friday.

Running against the Tea Party movement that successfully stymied his grassroots agenda and energized conservatives and independents to give Republicans in the House a majority, Obama said Mitt Romney would “rubber-stamp the Tea Party agenda in Congress.” 

Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, said Obama was continuing to divide Americans by badmouthing “millions of grassroots” Tea Party activists across the nation. 

“In a single speech today, our current President demonized Americans who have achieved the American Dream and badmouthed millions of grassroots Tea Party activists in every state in the nation,” Martin said on Thursday. “If he spent as much time uniting Americans as he does dividing Americans and attacking them, his presidency might have been a success.” 

Politico reviewed a transcript of all of Obama’s speeches and found Obama had only mentioned “tea party” once — in a campaign appearance in Virginia in October — on the stump in 2012 before this week.

Obama cannot run on his accomplishments. His so-called agenda for a second term consists of campaign platitudes that were cut and pasted into a pamphlet. And after spending the better part of the campaign trying to tear down and run against Romney, Obama is now trying to run agains the Tea Party, which may be an admission that his silly attacks on Romney, which have included Big Bird, binders, and “Romnesia,” have failed and turned off voters. So now Obama is trying a tactic that failed liberals during 2010’s historic midterm election.


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