Election Day Shenanigans Report UPDATED: 6:45PM ET

Election Day Shenanigans Report UPDATED: 6:45PM ET

Conshocken, PA: I’m Republican.  I have lived in Conshohocken, PA my entire life.  I vote at a specific poll in Conshohocken.  I voted this morning.  Having voted there in the past, I remember a specific individual campaigning in ’04 and ’08 for the Democrat Party.  I went in today, told my name, and signed next to my name in the registration book.  As I was getting in line for the machine, the gentlemen I described went over to the registration book ladies and told them that if anyone came in and their name wasn’t in the book, they could just sign in the back and vote.  I immediately questioned him that isn’t the purpose of the book to contain registered voters.  He indicated that some people’s names may be in other polling locations.  I indicated that isn’t that the point of being designated a specific polling location, and I said I don’t want any voter fraud.  He indicated that he was the judge of elections (he had a judge pin on his brown trench coat) and that he of all people doesn’t want to see that.  I voted, left the polling location, and contacted the Romney HQ in my town. They said the situation was very concerning/odd and that they were going to send someone there.  I am very concerned by the event.  It may be nothing, but it defeats the point of having your name listed in the book at a specific location.  Further, they didn’t ask for ID, so someone could make up a name, sign in, then vote in a different location.

New Jersey: The NJ governor’s plan to let residents displaced by the hurricane vote by email provisional ballot sounds good, but I’m a displaced NJ resident trying to vote from out-of-state and I’ve been trying without success to obtain a ballot to vote in Essex county for the last 2 days. The clerk’s office phone and fax have been continuously busy (I’ve called easily 100 times). The email address to submit your ballot application (info@essexclerk.com) sends you a bounce back email that says the mailbox is full.  The fax number (which is not listed on the website anywhere) is also busy. 
I emailed the DOS NJ Elections (NJ.Elections@sos.state.nj.usoffice) yesterday to complain about the clerk’s inability to receive applications and to request an alternative email address and they replied with the clerk’s personal Hotmail account (cj_durkin@hotmail.com). I sent my application there yesterday. Still no response.  I’ve called and emailed many times today with no response.
For your vote to count the clerk must send you a provisional ballot and then you need to have it signed, scanned and emailed back to the clerk by 8pm today.  This whole process was obviously thrown together with no planning and no coordination with the county clerks’ offices. The Essex county clerk’s office still says you can’t apply by email or fax unless you’re in the military. The clerk’s office can’t begin to handle the demand and there’s nowhere else to go. I tried the NJ office of elections, the governor’s office, NJVOTER and they all say to keep calling the county clerks office. 
It looks like I’m going to lose my right to vote due to Hurricane Sandy and the county clerk’s incompetence.


Virginia: My hubby went at 6 a.m. this morning and there was some kerfluffle. After he filled out his paper ballot and approached the ballot machine, he noticed the woman in front of him. She placed her ballot in the machine and the machinespit it out, so she placed her ballot in the machine again. A third time sheplaced her ballot in the machine and again it spit it out, when FINALLY amachine and “erase” her ballots for her to try one more time. The last time itworked, so said the “Precinct Judge”. In all the turmoil, the woman’s ballotedwas handled by the “Precinct Judge”, big no-no! And my hubby caught of view ofwho she voted for 3 TIMES!!! You guessed it…the obama one! Hubby is soannoyed right now. He has called and made a complaint to the Virginia StateBoard of Elections and they informed him if they got any more calls complainingabout our precinct, they will call him and ask him to make a formal complaintand get it notarized. Uggggh!!! I am not looking forward to our visit to thepolls later today!!! If they tell me or my daughter have already voted, I willbe one pissed mama! I will make a scene and I will scream “Voter Fraud”!! If Ihave a problem with the machine, I will be calling the VASBE and making aformal complaint!

Clermont, suburb of Cincinnati, OH:  I voted this morning in Clermont County (NE suburb of Cincinnati) at a local school. I have voted there for the last 6-7 years.  I voted at 7am this morning (polls opened at 0630) and there were longer than normal lines, although not as long as I had anticipated.

Also, I was disappointed to see two things this morning:

1.       The school was literally littered with Obama signs.  Apparently the teachers’ union must have been in cahoots with the Obama campaign because they outnumbered the Romney signs by 5 to 1.  All the prime real estate (school drive way, all cross walks, sidewalk leading to the gym) had Obama signs on every corner.

2.       The check in table had a stack of “Vote Yes for School Levy” flyers right there where you get your ballot.  Obviously either a poll worker or voter placed them there–shame on them!

Let’s keep the Romney train rolling!

Tucson, AZ:  Thousands of voters are not showing up on voter rosters at polling places. Poll workers have not been informing the voters that they can fill out a provisional ballot, so they are leaving without voting. Keep in mind, even though Romney is expected to get the vote here, a GOP senate seat is up for grabs. Tucson specifically, Pima County is where this is taking place.

Hillview, KY:  At our voting place (Overdale Public School), a HUGE Barack Obama picture is in the school library as you walk in to cast your vote. It had to be placed there intentionally by someone in the school. Sounds like electioneering to me!

From Shawmont School in Philadelphia (Manayunk): Had the pleasure of being harassed by Obama campaign volunteers well within 100ft of the polls. Didn’t get the vote because of the long lines and didn’t want to miss the train, but will be back this afternoon. MANY Romney supporters in the heavily blue Philadelphia area. Talked to one who is voting for the first time (~50 Years Old) because she is afraid of what Obama is going to do to our country with another 4 years.

From Fort Pierce, FL (34950): At @8am this morning, the scanner machine wouldn’t scan my ballot. That was after i was TOLD to place the ballots in the “provisional ballot” slot on the side of the machine. I asked why- no answer. I attempted to scan it- wouldn’t even accept an inch of the paper ballot. When i asked if it would be hand counted, i got no response. This happened at the Fenn Center in Fort Pierce FL 34950, precinct 19 machine.

From New York:  I voted a little after 9:30, and took me less than 10 minutes.  I was number 189.  I vote at 460 W. 41st Street in Hell’s Kitchen.  I was surprised that it took such little time to vote as I was expecting large lines. A few people were being handed provisional ballots; the poll worker who signed me in was wearing an Obama shirt. Everything seemed orderly. Proud to vote for Mitt!

Reported from Twitter: From Toni- I have screen captures I took last night of a Tweet from @kisslovevintage I saw. The person bragged about destroying Romney/Ryan campaign signs and included a photo of the signs.They have since deleted their account but I took screen caps before theydeleted the Twitter account. I also found their Facebook account and otherinfo. I spoke to the director of Republican Headquarters in Wilmington, DEearlier and sent him the screen captures as well, as the person is from thatarea. Let me know if you would like the screen caps.

Sturtevant, WI: Voted this morning at 9:30 am.  I was confronted by two Obama supporters, wearing pro Obama shirts, taking pictures of everyone inserting their paper ballots in the voter machine asking how we were voting.  I told clerk and she kicked them out but they just moved to the hallway of the entrance.  We cast about 2750 votes during the Walker recall and I was number 1398 after only 2.5 hours open.

Springfield, Missouri: Todd Akin Signs are being defaced with red spray paint on the corner next to the Democratic Offices. Corner of Fremont and Sunshine.

Wexford, PA: Butchered deer leg left at Romney Victory Center in Wexford, PA near Pittsburgh last night. All Romeny signs were stolen. McCandless Township Police are onsite now investigating.

Vince in Summit County, Ohio: In Summit County my wife’s first ballot given to her was missing the presidential page, she only got the second page on her first ballot. She was given a new ballot set that had both pages and voted with that. The missing presidential page was not found at the location. Maybe it was a one time thing, but at a larger scale, thousands of votes could be cast from these stolen presidential pages.

Chrysler gives voters the day off from work to vote

From @electionjournal: REPORT: A woman in a Detroit polling location was aggressively campaigning for Obama. A female voter in line objected. The Obama supporter punched the woman in the face. Police came to arrest her and she smacked the cop.

NC, Sampson County:  Man has been caught voting twice. Voted absentee and then tried to vote in person today. This occurred in Sampson County, NC, the man is a registered Democrat. The information has been confirmed to us by the staff director of the County Board, Donna Mashburn. Her phone # is 910-592-5796.


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