Michael Steele Wants His Job As RNC Chairman Back

Michael Steele Wants His Job As RNC Chairman Back

Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, is intimating that he might seek to return to his old post, jauntily stating, “It’s not a bad idea. I can go shake up the house a little bit more, what do you think?”

Steele ran large debts when he was chairman. Additionally, he did some rather unintelligent things, such as saying that he was held to a higher standard by the Republican party because he was black, implying that Republicans held Barack Obama to a higher standard because he was black, repeatedly asserting that black kids don’t have quality textbooks because of white racism, calling Rush Limbaugh “ugly” and disparaging him as an “entertainer.”

Steele also presided over a decline in raising revenue for the Party; in 2010 the Republican National Committee barely equaled the National Republican Senate Committee and the Naional Republican Congressional Committee in funding.

Steele’s public comments, which gave fodder to those who oppose the Republican Party, as well as his inability to rasie the necessary funds for the Party, make him an unsuitable candidate for the post he seeks.