Obama's Reelection Signals Expansion of Pigford Payouts

Obama's Reelection Signals Expansion of Pigford Payouts

Among the many reasons to oppose the reelection of Pres. Barack Obama was his sponsorship and expansion of USDA settlements, including the fraud-filled Pigford settlement that many Breitbart News readers are aware of. 

These “farmer settlements” were supposedly for past discrimination but are actually designed by attorneys and politicians with such a low barrier to entry that their real purpose is clear to anyone willing scratch the surface; a systematic wealth redistribution scheme amounting to vote buying.

The original Pigford settlement for black farmers was hijacked, and some have speculated that 90% of those who collected $50,000 checks never actually farmed in their life. With Obama’s reelection, billions more tax dollars are now on the line because the president, USDA director Tom Vilsack, and Atty. General Eric Holder have expanded the scam. Not coincidentally, those billions of dollars in new money are directed to constituencies that voted heavily for Barack Obama–women and Latinos.

In an election that was charactered by “free stuff,” the Obama “farmer settlements” scam represent the biggest and most blatant giveaway of them all. As outraged as many people were by Obamaphones, they are nothing in comparison to tens of thousands in cold hard cash. Not only do the fraudsters collect $50,000, they even get extra money to cover the taxes they would have to pay on it.

Like the Occupy movement, the Pigford scandal was a story that Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart was prophetic on. In the last two years of his life, Andrew Breitbart thought tirelessly against the fraud and for the legitimate black farmers were discriminated against and then abandoned by attorneys. Breitbart spent countless hours listening to the stories of these hard-working Americans who have become the pawns in Barack Obama’s election game. 

The farmers’ settlement story is far from over. As you read this, applications are actively being taken for Latino and woman farmers on this official government website. At a time when America is about to go off the financial cliff, literally billions and billions of dollars are set aside for fraudulent claims. Even though the Obama regime is hunkered down for a second term, there is still time to stop billions of dollars in wasted money and to expose the fraud.

Breitbart News will be breaking new information on the story including harrowing stories of USDA employees who was intimidated with the help of Senator Obama for attempting to warn other USDA employees. This is an outrageous scandal that President Obama owns. He helped expand the original Pigford fraud and his administration has opened it up to even more people, using your tax dollars to buy votes.

Stay tuned and help us spread the word on this important story.


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