Small-Business Hiring Intent Plummets To Four-Year Low

Small-Business Hiring Intent Plummets To Four-Year Low

While the media celebrates artificially inflated job creation numbers and an artificially deflated unemployment rate, out here in the real world, pessimism reigns supreme those who create a majority of our private sector jobs. According to Gallup, not since November of 2008 has the 12-month hiring intent of small-business owners been as low as it is today. In worse news, 21% of  small business owners expect to decrease jobs in 2013.

Can you blame them? Imagine being a small business owner today where whenever you turn on the news you find your hardworking self demonized as “rich” — you know, because you make over $250,000. Moreover, instead of Obama’s reckless spending, it’s your “selfish” lack of taxpaying blamed for the deficit.

And now you know, one way or another, your taxes are going up.

Think about how pessimistic the small business community is. The last time their overall hiring intent was this low was the month after the bottom of the economy had just dropped out.

Unlike those polled about Obama’s job approval rating, the small business community isn’t a group of people the media can fool with juiced unemployment numbers. Every day these job creators are living out there in the real economy, where the media’s pro-Obama propaganda likely does more harm than good.

But like the reality of today’s jobs numbers, this reality about small business owners makes no difference to the media. If smoke and mirrors are what’s required to make this failed president look successful, then some and mirrors it will be.

Besides, we all know that not hiring when Obama is president is nothing more than racism.


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