Census: Whites No Longer a Majority in US by 2043

Census: Whites No Longer a Majority in US by 2043

The Census Bureau has released figures showing that by 2043, non-whites will outnumber whites in America. As Barack Obama won 78% of the non-white vote in 2012, the Republican Party is contemplating how to make its message of conservatism appeal to the growing non-white base.

What could be a benefit of the confirmation of the escalating role of minorities is the rejection of affirmative action standards, as arguments that reach the Supreme Court state that minorities do not need special treatment anymore. This would bring the country back to the conception of America as a merit-based society.

The non-Hispanic white population will top off in 2024 at 200 million; by 2028, minorities will outnumber whites in the age-group 18-29. The 7.5 million multi-racial citizens are expected to mushroom to 26.7 million by 2060.

The white population percentage has dropped since 1960, when it was 85% of the population, to 2000, when it was 69%, to the present 64%.

William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, said:

Irrespective of future immigration and minority fertility patterns, the U.S. is facing a stagnating white population. The biggest shift will occur over the next 20 years as the mostly white baby boom generation moves into traditional retirement years. It is in the child and early labor force ages where we must be ready for the greatest changes as new American minorities take over for aging whites.


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