Obama, Labor Dept. Ship $40 million in Jobs Money Overseas

Obama, Labor Dept. Ship $40 million in Jobs Money Overseas

It’s not enough that Barack Obama wants to stifle America’s private sector with crushing taxes and regulations. It’s not enough that Obama is in bed with public-sector unions. He and his Department of Labor (DOL), which is supposedly responsible for helping Americans find work, are now taking the money they steal from Americans in taxes and sending it to other countries to help their unions.

Obama and his minions in the DOL sent almost $40 million to foreign countries at the tail end of 2012 in order to combat “labor abuse.” Some of these gifts while Americans are looking for work are:

  1. Tanzania: $10 million to battle child labor in agriculture and domestic service.
  2.  Burkina Faso: $5 million for the same problem in cotton production and gold mining industries.
  3. Brazil: $5.35 million to go to their socialist government to fight the same problem.
  4. Ecuador and Panama: $10 million to an international labor organization.
  5. Indonesia: $5 million to the same organization.
  6. The leftist American Center for International Labor Solidarity: $2.2 million for unions in Haiti and Peru.
  7. Colombia: $1.5 million
  8. Vietnam: $1.5 million to promote collective bargaining.

Barack Obama: thinking of America first.


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