15-Year Old Boy Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Sister Against Home Invaders

15-Year Old Boy Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Sister Against Home Invaders

A 15-year old boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend himself and his 12-year old sister against two burglars at their home just north of Houston, Texas.

Their father is a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constable, and the boy knew what he had to do to keep himself and his sister alive. Around 2:30 PM, two men tried to break in, with one going through the front door and the other in the back.

The boy grabbed the AR-15 and shot at them. The two later showed up at a Tomball hospital. The adult was hit three times and was flown to Memorial Hermann hospital, while the juvenile was taken back to the crime scene.

“We don’t try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,” Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said. “That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.”

More stories are coming out about armed citizens defending their lives and property with legally owned firearms. In the span of a week, Breitbart News has reported how a mother used a .38 revolver against an intruder, a man used his weapon to protect his 2-month old son, and a Colorado man invoked the Make My Day law in Colorado in using lethal force to defend himself against three intruders.  

Senator Dianne Feinstein and others are trying to push through major gun control laws that would include banning the AR-15, the same gun used by the teenage boy.


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