Rahm Emanuel Attempts to Revive Gun Control After Failure in Illinois Assembly

Rahm Emanuel Attempts to Revive Gun Control After Failure in Illinois Assembly

After the Illinois General Assembly failed to bring a bill amounting to a near-total statewide gun ban in last week’s lame duck session, Rahm Emanuel said today he isn’t willing to wait any longer for new gun control laws.

Emanuel told reporters he feels confident he can pass expanded gun regulations:

Waiting isn’t a strong suit of mine… First of all, I believe there’s, I know there’s a majority in the state, an overwhelming majority in the city for a ban on assault weapons, clips, and comprehensive background checks on all sales, wherever they take place, wherever the location may be. And there’s also a majority in the legislature.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel plans to introduce the legislation at next week’s city council meeting but refused to give any details. Last month, the state of Illinois’ ban to conceal and carry firearms in public was ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.

Emanuel also acknowledged a possible court fight over his plan.

We have run it through the (city) corporation counsel, we believe this stands the muster of the court… I can do certain things in the city… We’re going to take those steps and do that.

Even though Chicago saw no downturn in gun violence after decades of a citywide handgun ban that was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2010, Emanuel said, “I hope this will not only be the responsibility I take for what I control. I hope it will be a spur to action for Springfield.”


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