Coach Shoots Two Attackers, Saves Himself, Two Females

Coach Shoots Two Attackers, Saves Himself, Two Females

A 70-year-old woman’s basketball coach was attacked in the parking lot at Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School in Detroit, MI while walking two players to their cars. The men were armed, but so was the coach.

The suspects approached the coach and the girls and one pulled out their gun. The coach quickly pulled out his gun and shot both suspects. One died and the other was taken to a local hospital. Both suspects attended the high school and one was recently expelled.

Both girls and the coach were unharmed.

The coach has a permit to carry and is cooperating with authorities. But this raises an important question to those who want more gun control. What would have happened to this 70-year-old man and two young females if he did not have his gun? Armed citizens save lives. Because of his gun the coach and two girls are still alive.