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Universal Background Checks Equal Universal Gun Control

Universal Background Checks Equal Universal Gun Control

As an “assault weapons” ban seems less likely to even make it to a floor vote, President Obama and Democrat lawmakers are increasingly looking to universal background checks as the piece of legislation they can push through the House and Senate.

Here’s the problem: Universal background checks are the most insidious of all the gun control measures pushed heretofore. They will rob of us of more freedom than an “assault weapons” ban and a “high capacity” magazine ban combined, all in the name of preventing another Sandy Hook shooting. Yet they will actually do nothing to prevent such a shooting. Nothing at all. 

As David Kopel so ably put it in his Jan. 30 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, universal background checks necessitate a gun registry if they are to be enforceable. 

Put simply, this means that once a universal background state statute is in place, the government will require you to register every gun you own–shotguns, rifles, and handguns–so that they can be sure you do not sell a gun privately. 

Which brings us to our second point: universal background checks will end private sales, period. No more sales to neighbors, no more sales between a father and his son or a mother and her daughter. No more sales between friends. 

Once guns are registered, and private sales have been ended, the door will be opened for taxes allocated per number of guns owned, forced liability insurance payable based on number of guns owned, and for outright gun confiscation. 

The NRA has warned about the confiscation that usually follows registration, historically speaking, and the Democrats themselves are already promoting per-gun taxes and liability insurance

The bottom line: Universal background checks represent the crest of the hill atop the slippery slope. We must contact our Reps. and Sens. and demand that they say no to this insidious gun control measure.

It has nothing to with Sandy Hook Elementary, but everything to do with helping Democrats realize their dreams of crushing the 2nd Amendment. 


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