New Live Action Undercover Investigative Video On Late-Term Abortion Industry

New Live Action Undercover Investigative Video On Late-Term Abortion Industry

If you think that what happened in Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic is a rare event, think again.

Watch Live Action‘s new undercover investigative video, Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry, of an abortion counselor in the Bronx, New York who is asked what will happen to a child who survives an abortion.

At Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic in the Bronx, the abortion counselor is caught on tape describing, in gruesome detail, what happens to a baby after the abortion. The counselor advises the undercover investigator to “flush” the baby down the toilet if he or she is delivered at home before the final stage of the procedure. Listen to the description of how the baby is dismembered inside the womb over a two-to-three stage period.

Asked by the investigator what happens if, after just the first day, the baby comes out at home, the counselor responds, “If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it…if anything, you know, put it in a bag or something or somewhere and bring it to us.”

When Live Action asks what will happen to the baby after the abortion, or what the clinic will do if, after the abortion, the baby is moving, the counselor says:

If it did come out in one piece, it’s very small. So they would still have to put it in a container- like a jar- with solution and send it to the lab.

When the investigator asks the counselor what happens if the baby, after the abortion, is breathing or twitching- as was the case in Gosnell’s clinic- she responds:

The solution will make it stop. It’s not going to be moving around in the jar…that’s the whole purpose of the solution.

It’ll automatically stop. It won’t be able to [breathe]…not with the solution.

As for the abortion industry’s usurping of medical language, such as “reproductive health care,” and “women’s preventive care,” the counselor tells the investigator:

We have to keep it clean and, you know, ’cause by the time it gets to the lab, it still needs to be freshly, you know…so they could weigh it, so it could be proper weight to make sure that everything came out of you and there’s no pieces left in you.

The abortion counselor advises the undercover investigator that, whatever happens at home, not to call the hospital. “No. No. Call us,” she says. “‘Cause we started it first, the hospital won’t take you. They won’t touch you, either, because we started it. So whoever starts it has to finish it…”

Another clinic worker discusses why the “termination” and dismemberment of the baby needs to be done inside the woman’s body, because if the baby is born alive it has to be sent to the hospital.

“We don’t use the word, ‘kill,'” says the worker.


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