Recall Efforts Against Colorado's Gun Control Dems Gaining Steam

Recall Efforts Against Colorado's Gun Control Dems Gaining Steam

As Breitbart News reported on May 8, recall efforts against Democrat senators and representatives who supported draconian gun control measures in Colorado are under way and are picking up steam.

Other news outlets, most recently Fox News, have picked up the story, and the attempt to recall state Senate president John Morse, Rep. Mike McLachlan, and Senators Angela Giron and Evie Hudak is gaining momentum fast.

Morse drew the ire of 2nd Amendment supporters by pushing legislation that would have held “gun owners, [and] sellers and makers of assault-style rifles” liable for any misuse of those weapons. 

Hudak brought infamy upon herself when she told a pro-gun rape victim that having a gun would not have helped her during her assault anyway. Hudak said, “[Your attacker] would have been able to get that gun from you, and possibly use it against you.”

Hudak has already been forced to apologize for these calloused statements.

Recall efforts against Rep. Rhonda Fields are also being promoted. Fields pushed the ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. 

Organizers behind the recall efforts have till May 21 to get all the needed signatures.


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