Trump: Immigration Bill a Republican 'Death Wish'

Trump: Immigration Bill a Republican 'Death Wish'

Business magnate Donald Trump warned Republicans in Congress to steer clear of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill in an interview with Breitbart News on Monday. Trump argued that Republicans are granting their own “death wish” by helping Democrats and the Institutional Left in their push to pass the bill. That is because, Trump said, illegal immigrants who are granted citizenship in such a plan will undoubtedly end up voting solely for Democrats when the time comes.

“I think you have a country, or you don’t have a country,” Trump said in a phone interview. “If you have a country, you have borders. And you either live with the fact that you have borders, or you don’t. Congress is going at jet speed to try and get something passed and the Republicans better be careful because anything that’s passed, as they [illegal immigrants] become voting citizens, they will only vote for Democrats.”

“So, you have 11 million people right now in this country illegally, as they start to vote they will be voting for the Democrats,” Trump added. “They will not be voting for the Republicans. The Republicans better be careful of of their own death wish.”


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