Gang of Eight to Obama: Stay Away From Immigration Debate

Gang of Eight to Obama: Stay Away From Immigration Debate

Besieged by a handful of scandals that go right to the heart of his credibility, and with his poll numbers sinking fast, the bipartisan Gang of Eight currently working to usher immigration reform through the Senate are begging President Obama to stay away:

U.S. President Obama is likely to hurt immigration reform’s chances if he gets more involved with lobbying for it, Gang of Eight senators said Wednesday. …

“I think he’s played the right role so far — the outside cheerleader, if you want to call it that — that’s been I think useful and effective,” Flake said. “As a Republican, it would be more difficult were he out front and pushing this issue.”

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., agreed: “I think that he’s been constructive in this process, allowing us to see how far we can get on the legislation, negotiating it together. I expect us to continue to do that on the floor. If things could continue the way they’ve been, that would be very positive.”

On top of the scandals and cratering poll numbers, there is also the fact that Obama is a lousy salesman. Nothing the president has ever done, even while he was popular, has ever changed public perception of ObamaCare. It seems that the more he talks about his signature plan, the less popular it gets.


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