Arizona Congressmen to Hold Field Hearing on IRS, EPA Overreach

Arizona Congressmen to Hold Field Hearing on IRS, EPA Overreach

Arizona Reps. Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon, David Schweikert and Trent Franks will be holding a special select congressional field hearing on Monday afternoon to examine President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) overreach.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and state Rep. Brenda Barton will also offer testimony at the hearing. “The hearing is for the purpose of taking testimony from constituents in regard to any problems or concerns they have with the IRS or the EPA. Witnesses will also offer testimony on the impact a closure of the Navajo Generating Station would have on Arizona,” a news release describing the hearing stated. “These issues not only impact Arizonans but also are part of nationwide issues.”

Gosar told Breitbart News that he is hoping members of Congress around the country follow the lead of him and his fellow members and have similar hearings like this on abuses by the Obama administration in the near future. “I hope that this hearing is just the first of its kinda around the nation,” Gosar said in an email. “Taxpayers and businesses deserve better than the bullying and intimidation that the Obama administration has allowed to become common place.”

Gosar added that the hearing is an opportunity for members of Congress to hear from real Americans outside the Washington, D.C., beltway.

“Don’t tread on Arizona Mr. President,” Gosar said. “This hearing will expose how the continued War on the West is affecting our nation as a whole.”

The hearing starts at 4 p.m. Arizona time, or 7 p.m. eastern time and will be held in Prescott, Arizona, at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Campus. It is open to the public, but will also be live-streamed online.