Chicago Activist: Zimmerman Protests Diversion from Obama's Failings

Chicago Activist: Zimmerman Protests Diversion from Obama's Failings

As the institutional left prepares to deploy its organizers to well choreographed protests against the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, black activists in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago are asking what happened to their president and his promises to them. Many feel manipulated rather than represented in the wake of the Zimmerman trial.

The case, in which a young man lost his life while another has been declared Enemy #1 by the liberal elite, has been highlighted by the mainstream media from the very beginning, despite thousands of murders of young black men across the country–of those, an astounding number are concentrated in President Obama’s Chicago.

Paul McKinley, a black grassroots activist in Chicago and former candidate to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr. in Illinois’ Second Congressional District, told Breitbart News:

Young African Americans feel let down by President Obama because when he was running for office, he said that it was on him to make sure that Trayvon Martin would get his justice. The president said the murdered children of Chicago would get their justice. It was just an opportunity for him to be reelected by black folks. Now that he has won his election, Trayvon Martin’s case has withered on the vine.

They need somebody to have everyone mad at, to take the attention away from Obama.

In this way the media, according to McKinley, have turned Trayvon’s death into a perfect distraction from Obama’s problems in holding onto support in the black community.

The media has turned the whole case into a circus, turning the focus away from President Obama. Nothing has been done with the murder rate in Chicago, nothing has been done with Trayvon Martin. Obama has failed. Black youth believes he has failed them — he and his wife, who was in town yesterday with Rahm Emanuel, who just closed 50 public schools in black neighborhoods.

Black youth sees he hasn’t made any effort with all the billions of dollars he has given out in stimulus and bailouts to help black folks. He has made no efforts to help African-Americans’ unemployment rate. Black folks that live in America have not benefited one bit from Barack Obama being president, none whatsoever.

Now the case is over, and he can’t do anything about it, but he is the one who said his son would look like Trayvon. He said that. He made it an issue to campaign on. Now it is one more broken promise, so they have to run protests against Zimmerman and keep the focus on him.

According to McKinley, the protests being manufactured by the institutional left, fomenting anti-Zimmerman hate, and claiming the whole justice system is racist, are not protests of the people, they are a diversion for fed-up Obama supporters.