ICE's Crane: Cantor Should Work with Law Enforcement in Drafting DREAM Act

ICE's Crane: Cantor Should Work with Law Enforcement in Drafting DREAM Act

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Council president Chris Crane called on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to work with immigration law enforcement officers to ensure his DREAM Act does not turn out to be like President Barack Obama’s executive order DREAM Act.

“Today the House held a hearing on the DREAM Act as it considers drafting a similar proposal,” Crane said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News. “We hope that representatives in the House will work directly with ICE officers to ensure any future legislation is enforceable and makes public safety and national security the priority.”

Crane added that America currently already has “a DREAM Act implemented by the White House, and it’s a miserable failure.” 

“It cannot effectively be enforced, encourages fraud, and places public safety at risk. The Administration’s DREAM Act is not being applied by ICE to children in schools, but instead to adult inmates in jails,” Crane explained. 

“Gang members and other criminal offenders all take advantage of the Administration’s DREAM Act orders to evade arrest and deportation,” he continued. “Representatives in the House must take aggressive measures to ensure that the many failures of the DREAM Act we already have are not repeated.”

The Senate “Gang of Eight” did not meet with Crane or ICE officers, or any law enforcement officials for that matter, while drafting its 1,200-page immigration bill. Crane hopes that Cantor approaches the process differently.

A spokesman for Cantor did not return a request for comment to Breitbart News in response to Crane’s statement.


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